About Me

   I just wanted to write a few things about who I am. I am a mother of two children Kaylyn aka: KK, Big Red. She is  7 years old going on 12! Then there is Anthony  aka: Butch or Butchie. He is 6 years old. I'm married to my husband Chris who is a Physician Assistant. He also runs his own coffee company Sutton's Coffee. It's the best coffee! I no longer drink Starbucks or Caribu coffee!  We have one dog named Angelo George who is 1 years old. He is just a big pup who loves to play with the kiddos. 

 I started taking photography seriously after my friend passed away from cancer. It was a hobby at first but, then became my passion.

   Blessings Photography LLC became my business name after my husband had his third round of head and neck cancer. God took my camera and showed me what I needed to do with it while our family was living in Hampton , Va. We moved our family there for 8 weeks of radiation treatment for my husband.  We rented an apartment right on the beach. Every morning we would wake up to Gods beautiful art and feel blessed to be alive. I decided to call my business Blessings Photography because, I feel blessed every day to see the art he creates and I get to capture it. Life is a blessing take it one day at a time.